Important :
  1. Receipt date for funds in your beneficiary's account is subject to the sender's accuracy of the information provided.
  2. Please fill in the beneficiary’s email address to send online notification / alert

Note :

  • Handling Charges:

    Types of Account Bank Charges /Fees
    Basic Account (Qard) RM 0.10 per transaction
    Non-Basic Account (Mudharabah) RM 0.10 per transaction
    “Important Notice: We are pleased to announce that our IBG handling charge is RM 0.10 per transaction
    effective 2nd May 2013”.

  • Daily Transactional Limits:
    For your security, your transaction limit is defaulted to MYR3,000 per day although you are technically allowed to transfer funds up to MYR10,000 per day. To customize your own transaction limit, please go to “Change Limit”. To know more on how the limit is working, please go to “Daily Transaction Limits Features Works”.

  • Transactional Hours: